About Us

“Business English language services for enterprises with international ambitions. We place quality over quantity, which is why our team consists of only a select number of very experienced and skilled native speaker trainers who are passionate about what they do and are effective in producing results. Our training is by professionals for professionals.”


Business Englisch Trainer München

What We Do…

Online or In-house Business English training in the heart of Munich, alongside Legal English and English for special purposes training, specialist seminars and translation services.

We deliver long-lasting results and give you the confidence to speak like a native speaker.

For a comprehensive list of all our training and services we provide, please refer to our services page.

How We Do…

Key to our success is creating a relaxed yet stimulating environment where participants are encouraged to speak as much as possible and have fun while learning. For this reason, we work with trainers who are engaging, have a good sense of humour, are passionate about the English language and have business experience.

We treat every client individually and customise our training to fit with the client’s needs and goals.

Why We Do…

Before starting his own business, Chris worked for a number of language schools. He was surprised at the number of poorly qualified trainers in the field: trainers with little passion for or knowledge of English and little, if any, business experience.

He decided to start his own school and work with like-minded trainers to create a new standard in Business English training. His school now has six highly qualified trainers and helps many medium and large firms in Munich.

“If we spoke a different language, we would perceive a somewhat different world.”


We aim to offer the best in Business English in Munich with the help of our motivated and experienced trainers. We believe the key to success is putting our clients’ language needs and business goals at the heart of everything we do.

Our training sessions are always goal-orientated but creative and fun at the same time. We want to see you succeed in your language goals as much as you do!

In-house Business English training where and when you want us. Our trainers come to your office for your training or other mutually agreed-upon place, meaning you save both time and money.

Just let us know what is most convenient for you and we’ll be there come rain or shine.

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