How can I measure my success?

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Real, measurable success is extremely important to us. This is why the London School roadmap is so important. Right from the start we establish with the help of a placement test and interviews where we [...]

Will I learn British English?

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Most of our clients are interested in learning British English and for this reason, as the name of our school suggests, most of our trainers do come from the UK. However, we are also lucky [...]

Who are your language trainers?

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The success of any English training lies in the quality of the trainer. Our trainers are all native English speakers, with university backgrounds, have business experience and are CELTA qualified (or have a similar teaching [...]

How do I find the right course for me?

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At the start of every course we carry out a needs analysis to identify how best we can help our clients. This is normally in the form of discussions with the course planner and an [...]

Where does the training take place?

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Most of our English courses take place at the client’s place of work, meaning our trainers come to you, saving you precious time and money and an annoying journey across town! Training typically takes place [...]

How much does training cost?

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The price of an in-house Business or Legal English course in Munich depends on a variety of factors such as course location, number of participants, material etc. Our courses are competitively priced whilst still offering [...]