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Have you ever picked up the phone and been lost for words? Communication over the telephone is an extremely important skill. Let us help you master every possible phone situation you could possibly face with confidence and efficiency.

Every day we send and receive dozens of business emails. Striking the right tone can help create good business contacts, avoid misunderstandings and increase your efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

For most of us it is already a daunting enough task to speak in front of a group of people. If you have to do this in another language that isn’t your own, the challenge becomes even greater! We help ease your nerves by giving you essential presentation vocabulary and professional phrases, helpful tips at conquering your nerves and expressing yourself. In next to no time you will be able to speak in front of small or large groups and bring across your message in a clear and confident manner!

Business is going increasingly global and with it, so are meetings. We will give you the important vocabulary, phrases and tips that you need in order to effectively participate in international meetings, as well as lead them with conviction

Doing business across countries can present a number of pitfalls which the unwary business person might fall into. Find out how to bridge these gaps, utilise knowledge of how business is conducted across different cultures to turn a ‘no’ or ‘maybe’ into a ‘yes’ and build strong business partnerships.

As Oscar Wilde once said, you only have one chance to make a first impression! Let’s get it right! Master the art of small talk, diffuse difficult situations with and polite diplomatic language, communicate exactly what you want to say and gain the upper-hand in business negotiations.

Group training

Our online Business English group courses and in-house Business English training are designed to take your English to the next level in a fun, challenging and stimulating environment. Training takes place once or twice a week online via Team/ Zoom or at your company, at a time of your choosing, ensuring participants don’t lose valuable time travelling. Our group courses are tailored to any language level, from basic (A1) to advanced (C2) and to your specific industry or job. The courses are goal-orientated which means your desired end result is at the heart of every training session. In addition to general Business English, our training courses can also focus on particular industries and professions such as Legal English, Financial English or Marketing English. For a full list of specialised areas, please see the list at the bottom of this page. One-off specialist seminars, for example, English for presentations, are also available upon request. Contact us for more information.

  • Lessons tailored to your specific industry and personal goals.
  • A relaxed and stimulating environment to learn in.
  • On-site training saving you time and money.
  • Intercultural training – we have a wealth of multinational experience.
  • Experienced, friendly and patient trainers with relevant industry experience.
  • Varied and up-to-date lessons with real world business situations.
  • The chance to learn from and communicate like a native speaker.
  • General English combined with Business English.

1-1 training

Our online one-to-one Business English training courses are the ideal way for busy professionals to make progress quickly and effectively. One-to-one training maximises client talk time with our native trainers, allowing a faster and more concentrated error-correction process and faster accomplishment of goals. Our courses can be designed to be either short-term or long-term. Short-term courses focus on immediate goals which our client aims to accomplish in a relatively short period of time, for example preparing for a presentation, chairing an important meeting or a phone conference or negotiation with an important client. Long-term courses focus on improving your general English in a range of business situations with regular practice. Our trainers are skilled in making training as fun, interesting and above all as effective as possible.

  • Long-lasting progress in a short time.
  • Flexible focus on either short- or long-term goals.
  • Learning in a relaxed and stimulating environment to learn in.
  • Intercultural training – we have a wealth of multinational experience helping you do business with other countries.
  • On-site training saving you time and money.
  • Experienced, friendly and patient trainers with relevant industry experience.
  • Varied and up-to-date lessons with real world business situations.
  • The chance to learn from and communicate like a native speaker.

Intercultural Training

Act internationally, think locally. Doing business abroad can create frustrating barriers to achieving your strategic goals due to language and cultural issues. We will help you tear down these barriers and instead build bridges. The key to doing business abroad is to understand your clients and to build a strong and successful partnership. Our team of internationally experienced intercultural experts help take your business to the next level by sharing their multinational experiences. All our business training services offer an intercultural element, but if you need specific help in this area, this course is for you.

  • Develop cultural sensitivity.
  • Anticipate intercultural business differences before they happen.
  • Use culturally relevant words, pictures, and gestures.
  • Learn appropriate slang, idioms and regional sayings.
  • Build strong relationships, particularly face-to-face.
  • Decoding of feedback – what are your business partners really saying?
  • An ideal opportunity for medium to large businesses dealing internationally.
  • How to get the right action from your business partners.
  • Build bridges and work together with foreign business partners.

Work shadowing

Work shadowing involves one of our qualified Business English trainers shadowing you throughout the day at your workplace, offering real-time advice on how to respond in English to an array of different business-related situations. Whether it be understanding and replying to important emails, preparing for a pitch or an international conference call, our trainers are available on the spot to assist you. This “learning by doing” approach allows you to learn Business English directly relevant to your job as well as make an instantly strong impression on your clients and colleagues. Upon request, work shadowing can be accompanied by a workshop in the afternoon to cement what you have learnt in the morning.

  • A high degree of focus on job-specific activities.
  • On-site training saving you time and money.
  • Intercultural training – we have a wealth of multinational experience.
  • Experienced, friendly and patient trainers with relevant industry experience.
  • Practical, real world business situations with long-lasting results.
  • The chance to learn from and communicate like a native speaker.
  • An ideal opportunity for medium to large businesses dealing internationally.
  • Effective business – how to get the right action from your business partners.
  • Learn how to build bridges and work together with foreign business partners.

Translation and Proofreading

We offer a range of translation services for your business needs: fast, confidential and to your timetable. Our primary service is English-German and German-English translations but we also work with a team of translators who offer many other languages. We have successfully translated numerous books and documents for a number of businesses and individuals over the years as well as helped with proofreading. Dedicated legal translations such as preparing contracts, writing legal article for blogs etc are done by a bi-lingual (German/English) colleague who is both an English and German qualified solicitor and has experience of working in top law firms.

  • Professional translation specialising in German-English / English-German.
  • Financial translations.
  • Banking translations.
  • Legal translations.
  • IT translations.
  • Creative Marketing texts.
  • A high level of accuracy and attention to detail. 
  • A fast and reliable service.
  • Full confidentiality – your work is safe in our hands.

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Wir haben die London School of Business English im Juni 2014 kennen gelernt, als wir einen Partner für unseren innerbetrieblichen Englischunterricht gesucht haben. Unsere, zwischenzeitlich wöchentlich etablierten Kurse verschiedenster Sprachniveaus, zeichnen sich durch Professionalität, Beständigkeit, Flexibilität und überdurchschnittliches Engagement seitens der London School aus. Gerne bestätigen wir, dass unser Trainer es hervorragend versteht, unsere Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter am jeweiligen Kenntnisstand abzuholen und zu motivieren. Er vermag es, mit einer idealen Mischung aus Ernsthaftigkeit und Spaß die jeweiligen Englischkenntnisse unserer Kolleginnen und Kollegen kontinuierlich zu verbessern. Wir freuen uns auf eine weiterhin erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit mit der London School of Business English, Munich.

Diana Strasser, Head of HR, Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance

Als Europaabgeordneter bin ich auf präzise und idiomatische Übersetzungen angewiesen. Chris Lines schafft genau das: Seine Übersetzungen geben nicht nur den Sinn, sondern auch den Klang des Ursprungstextes wieder. Außerdem schätze ich seine Zuverlässigkeit, Detailtreue und Schnelligkeit.

Ich habe in der Schule leider nie verständlich die englische Grammatik gelernt, dank Chris und der London School verstehe ich endlich warum und wann man welche Zeit anwendet und erkenne meine bisherigen Fehler. Und das hoch unterhaltsam mit unglaublich viel Spaß! Die wöchentlichen 1,5 Stunden unseres Gruppentrainings vergehen wie im Flug und man lernt dabei wie von selbst die Tücken der englischen Sprache!

Martina Proff, Walt Disney Company

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